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Episode 29: Matt Wheeler

For about a year and change, I was the sound guy/show runner for Fleisher Live, a live music series at the Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philadelphia. It was pretty cool for a while. We set up bands in this 150 year old church space, so the show itself was always unique. I loved the space, loved the sound, and I loved the people who came to play. And they always loved playing there. I parted ways with them a while back and it’s a shame they let the series sort of fizzle out. It was a truly unique, alternative venue in the city, and everyone who ever came to show was wowed by the space and the reverberating sound. I met a lot of musicians this way, and some of them end up on the show. In fact, as I look at my upcoming show list, quite a few of them end up on the show. Take, for instance, this week’s guest, Matt Wheeler.

Matt is one of those guys who found his musical calling a little later than most. He didn’t really start playing out until 2010 or so. He has definitely made up for lost time. He’s one of the more prolific songwriters and performers I’ve encountered in a while. And I really enjoyed our chat. I enjoy all the conversations I have here on the show, but sometimes you have one that’s so full of things that are important, that you lose track of what’s happening while it’s happening. As I went back through the episode to edit, I discovered all these little spots that i had forgotten about. Anyways, I hope you dig it, too.

A bit of business: We’re parting ways with our current hosting services. They want more money so I can store more episodes. I, respectfully, feel that the amount of money they continue to ask for is not equal to the amount of space and service I get from them. It being the 21st century, there are about a million places to host the show online. So that’s where we’re at. The reason I’m even bringing this up is that I’m going to start TEMPORARILY taking down some of the earlier episodes. Probably the first three or four. I need the space to keep the show moving along. All the episodes will go back up immediately once I take care of things. Just wanted to keep you all in the loop. The episodes are not disappearing forever. I’m not getting ready to erect a pay wall or anything like that. Everything’s cool. We’re all cool. We’re all a bunch of Fonzies.

Have a good week. If you’re living in the Mid Atlantic, you’ll notice that we’re getting an honest to goodness fall this year. Enjoy it while it lasts. I’ll catch you all in a couple of weeks.



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