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Episode 30: Melissa Eckstrom

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. It’s around this time I realized that this is the second Thanksgiving-time episode I’ve done, which means I’ve been doing the show for more than a year. I was saying just that to a friend this past weekend, that I had been doing the podcast for more than a year. He asked if I was encouraged or disappointed by the stats of things like downloads and plays and clicks and embeds. To tell the truth, I’m just thrilled I’ve consistently put out a show for more than a year. I try not to measure the success of this show in metadata. It would drive me absolutely crazy.

Also, this is the 30th episode. That is a nice round number. Let us all bask in the glory and accomplishment that is 30 episodes. Bask. Bask. Bask. Okay, that’s enough.

My guest this week it Melissa Eckstrom. She is not in a band. She is not a professional musician (although she and her partner George do sing a song at the end). She is a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Jamaica. And let me tell you, that is pretty badass. It seems very fitting that I’m sharing our conversation during this week of Thanksgiving. A lot of parallels to be drawn here. I won’t go into too many of them, I think they’re pretty apparent.

Remember this week that there are people like Melissa and tons of others who gave up regular lives to go be of service to strangers. And, because they chose that, they don’t always get to be with friends and family during holidays and other important times. This is not a call for pity or anything like that. After all, a lot of people who are doing service far away, be it in the Peace Corps, through religious organizations, even in the military, chose to do what they’re doing. They knew the sacrifices that were in store. So I’m not asking that we bemoan their circumstances, but rather just give them a thought or two, remembering that while they’re staying strong and making the best of their lives, there’s a small part of them that wants to be home.

Have a great holiday week. Eat well. Drink well. Be well. Enjoy the company of people that you want to be around. I’m not even specifically referring to family, because I know many people have complicated relationships with family, and this time of year can really awaken that. But try and spend time with others in good spirits. And stay the hell away from malls and stores and crap, will you? Seriously. It’ll all still be there come December. If you even need it then. Ugh. I’ll rant more on that in the coming weeks, I’m sure.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be well! Catch you all in a couple of weeks.

With Thanks To You All,


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