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Episode 47: Andrew Corkery

Andrew Corkery and I found a bond within our mutual love of bands like Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Slint, Radiohead, and many others. As I listened to Shadowplay's new album, "Almost Lifelike", I was struck by how much the band has really opened up their sound, embracing post-punk, ambience, instrumental sections, and other prog-like aesthetics. One of the first bands we talk about is Mogwai, and it just makes perfect sense. Once a more traditional, classic-rock steeped band, Shadowplay has made a very challenging record with many newer musical elements.

I love being surprised like that. To think a band will live up to a previous expectation, and to have that dashed to the floor is a joyous thing. There is a lot to process on "Almost Lifelike", and it's worth a few listens to have it reveal itself to you a bit at a time. Great music does that. Great musicians make that music. Andrew is one of those. Cheers,


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