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Episode 48: Emily Mineo

Like two high school classes that missed each other by a couple of years, Emily Mineo and I were never really contemporaries, since I had called it a day right around the time that she was starting out in 2013. So, while we never shared a stage, and she has only recently put her new band together (they're called Nonna, something she swore me to secrecy about when we talked, since she hadn't made it public yet), I feel like we would have had a blast playing shows and hanging out at someplace like Connie's Ric Rac or Bourbon and Branch. She's got a huge voice, and what she chooses to say with it is unique and honest.

We do share a ridiculous number of mutual acquaintances and friends, though. It's funny how small Philadelphia can feel sometimes. We're never separated by more than a degree or two from each other. Meeting and chatting with people like Emily make me feel like I'm still connected to something bigger than myself.



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