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Episode 49: Kevin Gallagher

It's take me nearly 50 episodes, but I've now had two conversations with a podcaster (the first being back on Episode 4 with Tony Porecco). Kevin and I found each other via Twitter and the Philadelphia Podcast group on FB. We both dug each other's shows. It made sense to have him on. He's been podcasting since about 2007, he also employs the long-form conversational style that I do, and he never runs out of things to talk about. Sold.

We ping-pong back and forth amongst a myriad of topics, but one of the things that holds through the whole conversation is our love of radio growing up. It really shaped us, and we were drawn to engaging talk. For Kevin, it was Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, and the hey-day of Philly radio in the late 80s and early 90s. It's funny to think that something as simple as people talking to each other, on air, in a way that was actually interesting and captivating, would pave the way for both of us to be doing what we're doing.

I enjoyed my conversation with Kevin immensely. Check out his show, Everything Is Awesome. He's truly blessed, like me, with the gift of gab.



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