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Episode 59: Jake Lewis

Happy New Year to all. It's gonna be okay.

Jake Lewis is out of Brooklyn now, but his roots are in Central PA. We have a great chat that goes through his religious upbringing, his full-on rebellion in his teen years, and how by the time he was hitting 20, he was pretty much ready to settle down. His sound now is a great blend of folk and indie-rock, but his first bands were hardcore bands, with him on drums.

The arc of Jake's path to where he is now is one of the more intense ones I've heard on the show, full of places where it all could have gone off the rails. I don't want to ruin the story, because it's something to hear. It was a true pleasure to have such a frank and honest conversation with another artist about growing up in a faith-based community, getting into drugs, getting out of drugs, and falling in and out of church. It has truly shaped his music, his lyrics, and it's all better for it in the end. Sometimes we go through a hell of a bumpy ride to get to where we are now.



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