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Episode 78: Alec Stewart

"I think performance is a muscle on some level. I was really, really bad at it when I started out. I would shake, my hands would shake, and I'd have a complete nervous breakdown and still manage to do it. [...] And now, that's not a thing. Mostly." -Alec Stewart Last time Dan and Alec talked, it was Ep25 as part of the first live show ever. Two years later, they finally get back to it. A more casual, careening episode than most, Dan and Alec converse about music both in and outside of Philly, the craft of playing and writing, the importance of a good open mic, and reminisce about their time in the city's music scene. It's a great, candid talk between two guys with some history, who mutually admire and respect each other as musicians as well as just being two nerdy music dudes.

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