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257. Farewell 2022, Hello 2023

Dan gets by with a little help from his friends in the Philadelphia music community, and we hear from a handful of artists about their favorite things of 2022, as well as things they're looking forward to in 2023. Lots of great picks from Jesse Lundy, John Faye, Avataria, Tyler Asay, Ryan Young, and Brian McTear. Enjoy the clickable playlist below, and support the artists that you love. Thanks to everyone who helped make this episode happen, and Happy New Year to you all!

1) Chris Kaspar- Trickaroo- HOLYSMOKE

2) Velvet Rouge- Save me- single

3) Bedolina- Cicadas- Yellow Boat EP (Go to Weathervane Music's Recorder's Club for the tracks)

4) Fossils From the Future- End Of The World- single

5) Vocabularies- Alaska- distinguish the microtones

6) Dear Forbidden- Television- single

7) Brittany Ann Tranbaugh- Kiss You (live)- Live at Talking Headz

8) Best Bear- Through The Static- When

9) Party Nerves- Goose Suit- Put a Load On, Come Back Mangled

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