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258. Jon Houlon (John Train)

We're back! It's been a useful and productive month off, and we're back to bring you all the Philadelphia music goodness we can. This week, Dan talks with Jon Houlon of John Train and The Donuts. Dan and Jon discuss the new John Train LP, 'Cowboy Dreams' and it's ties to the Philadelphia horseback riding community, John Train's residency at Fergie's Pub (every Friday from now til March 31st), a mutual love for guys like Tommy Keane and Elvis Costello, and how to make your bands last for 20+ years. Jon plays a couple of tunes live in the studio, an element of this show we're excited to see return. 'Cowboy Dreams' is available wherever you get digital music, and you can score a copy of the vinyl release from John Train's website, as well as select record stores in the Philadelphia area.


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