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267. Spring '23 Music Playlist

Dan brings you a brand new playlist of Philadelphia (and adjacent) music, featuring new music from mainstays like The Lunar Year, Sug Daniels, Comprador, and some new faces like Plans To Sand, Booze Radly, AFTYN, and more. Look below at the clickable playlist, and go support the artists you like. And, since most of the band links are for their Bandcamp pages, you can support the unionization efforts over at Bandcamp by checking out Bandcamp United.

1) Comprador- I Bet On Losing Dogs

2) The Lunar Year- I Kiss Strangers

3) Booze Radly- Ghost Sounds

4) Squiggler- Get Up Too Early

5) Bryn Rich- Three Leaf Clover

6) Plans To Sand- So What

7) Joe Kenny- In The Mi(d)st (feat. Sterling Duns)

8) Jodaki- Rip Out My Brain

9) Crumble Boy- A Rose For All My Dreams

10) Brian John McBrearty- Into The Bargain

11) Dante Robinson & The It’s Lit Family- Bastion Blues, pts. I & II

12) AFTYN- Autumn

13) Xemi- Erode

14) Brittany Ann Tranbaugh- Can’t Wait No Rush

15) Sug Daniels- When I’m Gone

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