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280. Ron Aikens

Dan talks to Ron Aikens, and his story is full of twists and turns. Originally part of Philly soul group United Image, they were signed to Staxx Records and on their way up when Ron was suddenly sentenced to a term in Graterford Prison, where he joined the prison band Power Of Attorney (signed to Polydor Records). Dan and Ron talk about what it was like to be part of a touring and recording band while incarcerated, his ups and downs in the music biz when he got out, pressing the pause button and taking a city job, and being moved to sing on the street when he retired. Joined by Max Ochester, owner of Brewerytown Beats, Ron has put out his first music in over 40 years. Thanks to Max and his in-house record label, you can get the new Ron and the Hip Tones singles wherever you get digital music, with more on the way.


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