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319. Bret Tobias

Dan talks with Bret Tobias, formerly of The Bigger Lovers and Moped, now helming The Bret Tobias Set. From seeing the Replacements on MTV, discovering House of Love and Philly's own The Wishniaks, it was inevitable that Bret make his life about music. Bret talks about his aversion to being classified in any scene or community, the independent music feeding frenzy of the mid 90s that had Moped being wined and dined by A&R and execs, and the sudden, overnight disappearance of said attention. He takes us through the saga of The Bigger Lovers and the many records and tours alongside some of their heroes (Superchunk, Minus 5, Jonathan Richman, Alex Chilton, etc), and how he's always kept something going musically, no matter what. The Bret Tobias Set put out an absolutely stellar EP last year called 'Pleaser Vol. 1', and the band is a who's-who of Philadelphia indie rock, featuring members of A.M. Mills, Photon Band, and The War On Drugs. A new record is on the way this fall, and we're honored to offer a special sneak peak at their upcoming single, "Fait Accompli", due out on June 20th. 


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