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320. Chris Kasper

Dan has been a Chris Kasper fan since he first heard him on WXPN over 15 years ago. Chris sits down to talk about growing up a metalhead drummer, surrounded by a whole family of musicians. From loud drums and Led Zeppelin to discovering bluegrass and Appalachian folk while living in West Virginia, Chris reminisces on moving to Philadelphia almost 20 years ago, meeting peers like Amos Lee, Ben Arnold and Birdie Busch at Dawson Street Pub, playing shows at The Fire, and growing into the Americana singer-songwriter that we all know. Improvisation, uncertainty, working in the moment: these are all things that Chris loves to employ when making records, and his newest is no exception. Chris Kasper's latest LP, 'Sunlight In An Empty Room' is out now, available wherever you get digital music, and  on vinyl at his website



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