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322. James Haro

James Haro came from Los Angeles (San Gabriel to be exact) over 15 years ago and made his home here in Philly. He talks with Dan about growing up in an old mission town, being a "secret songwriter" from age 6, early bands and projects (mostly lost to the depths of MySpace), coming to Drexel for college, and why he never wanted to leave. James began his current project, James Haro In Storage, during the early pandemic times, writing and recording out of (you guessed it) a storage unit. He's since releasee singles, put on a one-man show for Fringe/Canonball Fest in 2023, and continues to be active in the community with a quarterly open mic at Plays and Players' upstairs bar and music room. James' newest EP, 'Go Ahead', is out on June 20th and available wherever you get digital music. 


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