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Lia Menaker comes from a background of musical theater and acting, but found that songwriting gave her the chance to be whatever she wanted to be. Dan and Lia talk about her life on stage from a young age, her transition into a singer-songwriter, her new EP 'I Am Kyros', and how she learned to stop letting the "journey of success' define her. The two discuss not taking every gig that pops up, acknowledging what about being a musician you don't like, and a love of gigs that end before 11pm.


Dan and Kirby Sybert get right down to it: their isolation, the crushing blow all their 2020 plans took, and Kirby's first solo album, 'Happy People Make Happy Things'. Kirby talks about making a record by hitting up against his own limitations, and how years of collaborating on other people's music gave him a big crowd to choose from when it came to finishing his own.


Rockabilly dynamo/graphic artist/avid reader Joe Castro talks to Dan about working with Brian McTear on his newest LP, 'Come On Angels' (with most of legendary Philly punk band Thorazine) and the many epiphanies that transpired. They also talk Love, Ted Hawkins, making music videos at home, Philly auteur Bob Sweeney, and how to play old-time rock n' roll without making it a museum piece.

Photo by Fear The Skull


Add Jefferson Berry to the list of people Dan has "met" but not really met, y'know? Great conversation about his new record, 'Double Deadbolt Logic', his California upbringing, working in radio in the 80s and 90s, and teaching government and economics to the students that the Philly school system has cast aside.


Dan talks to Avé, a Philly native and currently residing in London, about growing up in Mount Airy, their involvement and touring with the Philadelphia Boy's Choir, their upcoming novel and album (they go together), and navigating the world and family as both gay and non-binary. Avé's new singles are out on The Giving Groove, a Philly-centered non-profit record label. 


Nik was on back in 2016 (Ep#36), and quite a bit has changed for him. Dan talks to Nik about his band, The Operators, working for Ardmore Music Hall, using this time to himself to improve his mental health, and coming up with some great ideas of how to do shows during the pandemic while still keeping everyone safe (spoiler: they're outside). 


Dan has been getting so much great music in his inbox recently, it was time for another playlist episode. This one features mostly new music from the last month or so from Philly's best and brightest. Features artists like Lia Menaker, Jay Carlis, Vassal, Jeff Zeigler, and more. Here's the full playlist with artists links:

1) Robert Rapp- Essential Worker- single (2020)

2) Rebecca Zimmerman- Dear Body (feat A Day Without Love)- single (2020)

3) Vassal- Alive- Alive EP (2019)

4) Jeff Zeigler- Alps- (single (2020)

5) Moon Liters/Millennium Development Goals- Arrested- Rote Klang fur A...


They used to be all boy/all girl, but after changing out half of their line-up right before a 2019 tour, Nick Rahn and Danielle Lovier decided to mark the new band with a new name: Grocer. Dan talks to Nick and Danielle about getting halfway through their Ortlieb's residency before the pandemic, cancelling tours, having a lot of time on their hands, and trying their best to move through the day to day as positively as they can.


As businesses reopen and the world tries to get back to some semblance of routine, the questions of safety and health are going to keep coming up. Dan talks with Jay Levin (general manager at Turtle Studios in Philadelphia) about new health and safety protocols that Turtle is getting ready to implement once they're permitted to reopen. Jay talks about communication, customization, honesty, and transparency as the key elements to working and creating safely from here on out. Turtle Studios strive to start the conversation, but hope others add and build onto their initial ideas a...


Originally aired on WXPN on May 26th, 2020, Dan teams up with XPN's own John Vettese to share a playlist of music curated from the podcast. John turns the tables and interviews Dan about starting the podcast, where he comes from and what he's been up to, and Dan talks about all of the artists in his playlist. Thanks to WXPN for making this team up happen, you can check them out on 88.5 FM (Greater Philly Area) and at Here's the playlist with artist links:

1) A Day Without Love- Good Friends Are Hard To Find- single

2) Needless Ghost- Sink Into The Sea- I'm Sorry For Ev...


Will Brown, forced to recently change his stage moniker due to his own name being simply too common to bear, talks with Dan about his new EP, 'Bedroom Prog'. An accomplished guitarist, drummer, and musical gun-for-hire, Will talks about the EP taking about 5 years of shaping, his work with groups like Deadfellow, Rylan Brooks, and Trap Rabbit, and his new 'indie-rock soul food' diet while in self-isolation.

(Photo by Katie Shea Walters)


This is one of the live stream radio shows Dan did back in April. It features, like all the playlist shows, a great lineup of Philly music. The show originally went out live on April 18th, and has been reconstructed for your listening pleasure. The full playlist with links can be found below. Enjoy!

1) Stella Ruze- Hustle the Load- The Greater Dog (2020)

2) Crow vs Lion- The Heart, The Time, The Pen- The Heart, The Time, The Pen (2019)

3) Coleman Rigg and the Ridge Runners- Too Close- single (2020)

4) Zigs (Zoe Ziegler)- 41st and Pine- single (2020)

5) Mike Bhaiya- Do You feat Bea...


Back in April, Dan did a handful of online live radio shows featuring tons of great Philly music. Unfortunately, two of those shows were lost to the ether after they happened. So Dan put them back together in the studio for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the playlist from April 8th, reassembled and better than ever. Here's the complete playlist, with artists links:

1) Ross Bellenoit- For Friends- Where Does The Light Go? (2020)

2) Hambone Relay- Star Climber (Live)- Live at Fourth on the Farm (2020)

3) Laura Lizcano- Corazon- single (2020)

4) Pretend Collective- They Own The Breeze...


In the conclusion, Dan and Katie (You Do You, Roberta Faceplant) finally get around to where Katie came from, how she got involved in the Philly music scene, and that she still gets nervous that she's going to forget the words to cover songs. She even turns it around and interviews Dan for a minute or so, and the two even share their takes on the night they met at Ardmore Music Hall for the Robert Hunter tribute. 


Amidst the isolation and distancing, Dan managed to connect with You Do You/Roberta Faceplant front-woman Katie Feeney via the internet, and man, were they happy to talk to each other! Part 1 includes talk about notebooks, missing playing shows, trolling Sly Fox Brewing for 8 years on Twitter, and going way in over your head when you're young and ambitious.

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