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Episode 3: Bill Platt

Things are moving along here in 25 O'Clock land. I continue to be happy with the feedback I get about the show, and I thank you all for listening. I am proud to announce that there has been a steady increase in downloads from week to week. I will not delve into exact numbers, but an increase is an increase, and nothing happens overnight and so on and so on. Thanks for all of you who download, stream, listen, engage and share feedback.

This week's guest, Bill Platt, came about in an odd way. After I talked with Steve Harner (Episode 2), we were chatting as I was putting away my gear and he mentioned to me he had a friend coming to town and would I be interested in chatting with him, too. Turns out Bill is a tour merchandise manager, which means he takes care of all the merch table needs for whatever band he happens to be working for. And he's worked for a ton of acts, including Local Natives, Two Door Cinema Club and currently Jackson Browne. We had a great chat about the merch side of the music world, which is a really important part of the whole tour and financial stability of any artist, big or small. He's a cool guy, and he loves what he does. Always good to talk to anyone who can say that.

I never know who I'm going to talk with next. I mean, I've got my people who I'm in the scheduling process with, but sometimes a guest just pops up in front of you. Big thanks to Steve for arranging the conversation, and for offering up his outstanding post-production room at Bridgeset Sound to do the interview. I very well may move in there. That is not an idle threat, Steve.

Oh! Wait! It's Thanksgiving time! Everyone travel safe, enjoy time with family, eat well, nap well. Try and stay away from shopping if you can, for gosh sakes. Or if you gotta do it, try and hit up a local place, show them some love in the form of cold hard cash. I will be heading home myself, and attending my high school reunion on Friday. First time I've ever been to one of these things, I'm mostly fueled by curiosity. I've got no axe to grind or score to settle with anyone, really. Just curious to see some faces that I haven't seen in a while, maybe enjoy the company of a few old acquaintances. With the magic of Facebook and all that, it seems we're all pretty aware of what people from high school are doing (or at least have the ability to be aware, should we even want to know). Anyways, should be an interesting evening. More on that once it happens. Who knows, I may get a good guest out of it. Be well, enjoy the holiday, and hope you enjoy the episode.


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