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Episode 43: Abi Reimold

I love getting floored by a new artist. I used to think it was done happening for me, but then, every once in a while, some band or person just makes me go "Where the heck did THAT come from?" Abi Reimold's new record, 'Wriggling', on Sad Cactus Records, is one of those things. It's a truly challenging record, full of uncomfortable bits and off bits and unique bits and surprising bits. It's truly the some of all its bits.

Abi and I talk about a lot of things in our conversation. Some of my favorites are: the awkwardness of band photos, getting more comfortable onstage, doing your time, photography, and making sure your gear works properly at all times. Her performance in the 25 O'Clock basement studio is nothing short of harrowing and raw, a real expression of what music is for some people: sheer catharsis.

Go get her record. Go see her live. Don't miss the boat. It's a freakin' awesome boat.


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