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Episode 50: Live From Philadelphia Podcast Fest

Happy 50th episode, everybody! It's both surprising and not that we've gotten this far. I am, if nothing else, incredibly stubborn.

This week's episode is even more special, because it was recorded live in front of an audience at Philadelphia Podcast Festival. It's the second year I've done a live show for these guys, and it was a blast. One of my guests is Brian Erick of The Paper Jets, as well as co-host of The Great Albums Podcast. We met recently when I was on that show talking about Harry Nilsson, and Brian and I instantly became best friends. Also on the show is Ben Hughes, a man who needs no introduction because he's gotten several from all the other times he's been on the show. Ben fronts the band Night Windows, and is one of the most prolific songwriters I know. It was great to chat with both these guys, and it was even more awesome to introduce them to each other. They're both extremely talented musicians, and I just love getting those kinds of folk together.

Thanks for being with us for all 50 episodes. Here's to many more.



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