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Episode 55: The All Music Episode (Less Talking, More Tunes)

This week, we're doing something a bit different. Instead of the usual long-form conversation with a guest, I decided to highlight some past guests and their music. What I've put together is a collection of alternate performances (an artist will record two or three tunes when we get together) and new studio material from artists that wasn't completed yet when we talked. It's all in the spirit of discovering new music, and as a way to help people relax and relieve the tension of the upcoming election. We could all use a bit of that.

Here's the playlist:

1) Stephen Lorek- "Bronco", Ep34

2) Brian Erick- "Charlie, It Can't Be Done", Ep 50

3) Abi Reimold- "Bad Seed", Ep 43

4) Drew Nugent- "A Handful of Keys" (originally by Fats Waller), Ep 27

5) James Hearne- "Two Lanes" (from his forthcoming LP), Ep 44

6) Pilkington- "All Around the Neighborhood" (from their forthcoming release), Ep 22

7) Nicklas Hughes- "Sidewalk" (from 'Games'), Ep 51

8) Gina Cardillo- "The Pie Song" (previously unreleased), Ep 19

9) Bruno Catrambone- "Amsterdam", Ep 39

10) Jacqueline Pie Francis- "Time" (originally by Tom Waits, from her album 'The Sea'), Ep 33

Had a blast putting this all together, so I hope you enjoy it. Had a blast playing DJ, too. I may have to do something like this again, and soon.



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