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154. Live Radio Stream #2 (Redux)

Back in April, Dan did a handful of online live radio shows featuring tons of great Philly music. Unfortunately, two of those shows were lost to the ether after they happened. So Dan put them back together in the studio for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the playlist from April 8th, reassembled and better than ever. Here's the complete playlist, with artists links:

1) Ross Bellenoit- For Friends- Where Does The Light Go? (2020)

2) Hambone Relay- Star Climber (Live)- Live at Fourth on the Farm (2020)

3) Laura Lizcano- Corazon- single (2020)

4) Pretend Collective- They Own The Breeze- unreleased demo

5) Hawk Tubley and the Ozymandians- Hadn't Oughta- Chocolate Maple Squeeze Play (2019)

6) Camp Candle- NRT- If We Had A Pool (2019)

7) Sophie Coran- Circles- cingle (2020)

8) Rise Twain- Lit Up- Rise Twain (2019)

9) Bison's Big Bang- Climbing (Live)- unreleased live performance

10) The Barrel Fires- One Day I Woke (To The American Dream)- single (2019)

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