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Episode 26: Courtlyn Carr

I feel like I haven’t done an episode in weeks. I feel like I took a big vacation from the show. I know we were putting out the live episodes from Philadelphia Podcast Fest, and I was still keeping the same production schedule for those episodes and all that. Still, it feel like I’m just getting back to normal.

For those of us on the East Coast, particularly NYC and DC: Did you survive the Pope visits? For those living everywhere else: Hey, the Pope visited! And we survived! I said it on Episode 25 in my closing ramblings: regardless of anyone’s religion or lack thereof, it’s pretty cool to have the Pope in your city, especially this one in particular. Yes, the Catholic church has many problems and issues, like any organized faith. No, I am not giving tacit approval to all their past transgressions just because they have a “Cool Pope” now. The man said some good words while he was here in Philly, and he continues to speak and conduct himself in a manner that would befit any leader of pretty much anything. He seems like a solid guy. How much of that is stage dressing and PR, I have no idea. But he seems to be fighting the good fight. I don’t like to smack-talk anyone who seems like they’re fighting the good fight.

Anyways, the city survived the massive influx of people. The streets were shut down for about three days, which was actually quite cool. I took advantage and rode my bike pretty much everywhere. I even got to ride on the decks of the Ben Franklin Bridge, amidst countless other cyclists and pedestrians. I took part in the Pope Ride, which saw 3000 of us ride through the city on Saturday morning. Yeah, some businesses took a hit. It was a shame. Certain aspects of the weekend could have been handled better. But a lot happened that weekend, and it felt like a city-wide snow-day, without the snow. Everyone who stayed in the city seemed to just relax and be people. It felt like a giant neighborhood for a few days. I wouldn’t trade that for much of anything.

Back to reality and the working week, I suppose. This week, I have Courtlyn Carr on the show. She came across my desk thanks to Daniel DeJesus from Episode 18. He arranged the intros, and I’m thankful to him for it. He plays cello and violin on her upcoming record, and I’m pretty sure he’s part of her live band as well. Courtlyn has been a performer and songwriter for a long time now, cutting her teeth at Berkley, doing a multi-year stint in Nashville, touring as part of the 80s tribute The Legwarmers, and so much more. We talk about the whirlwind of being an independent artist, working with cool people all over, and how I don’t really know where anything is in Maryland.

It’s been a heck of a previous week. It has completely made me forget that my birthday is tomorrow. As of September 30th, I will be 35. I haven’t really had time to digest this. Maybe by the next e-mail.

Be well and be productive and be generally satisfied with what’s going on around you. I swear, the weeks and months fly by faster than they used to. We’re at Episode 26. I feel like I just started this thing. Thanks to all of you for being around for it, it continues to mean the world to me.



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