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311. The Blackburns

Dan talks with Joel Tannenbaum (Plow United, Snow Fairies, Skywriters) and Nick Palmer (WAX WAV, The Danger O's) about their new project The Blackburns. Nick tells the story of how he thought he was out of the music game until he got a message from Joel (Plow United was a huge band for Nick as a teen) that he was looking for a songwriting partner. Needless to say, Nick was back in, and the two of them quickly wrote a full length record. Joel and Nick talk about the process, what they did and didn't want to do, their mutual Twin Peaks obsessions, and the record as a love letter to their youth and young adult lives spent in small, regional punk scenes. The Blackburns' debut LP is out on April 12th, available on independent label Sell The Heart Records, the group's Bandcamp, and wherever you get your digital music. 


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