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310. Zoe Lemon

Dan talks with Zoe Lemon, a trained and seasoned violinist who is fairly new to the singer-songwriter game. Zoe talks about growing up in the rural parts of Chester County, the ups and downs of music school at Temple University, graduating right into the pandemic, van life, and learning to write songs by herself out on the road. Her latest EP, 'Tailspin', is the result of those road-trip songs, which she made with Packie Cronin (Rally Point/Attic Posture) and Rob Bolz (Tribe Sound Records). She was featured late in 2023 on WXPN's The Key Studio Sessions. From her childhood pet goat bullying her and her siblings, to finding her way as a performer, Zoe brings a brightness and eager spirit to her live show and records, and we're looking forward to what she does in 2024.


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