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Episode 32: Jeremy Hebbel

I made it almost to Christmas, but my body is trying to give up. I’m developing the beginning nag of a cold. I’ve fought it back with tea, oranges, and my patented concoction of pickle juice and a dash of hot sauce. It seems to be working. I’m glad I recorded the intro and outro last night, I sound almost normal. Well, normal for me.

On the show this week is Jeremy Hebbel from Gable Music Ventures. Gable is a music and event promoter out of Wilmington that have really built a scene in Wilmington, and attract a ton of great artists from out of Delaware, too. My band used to do shows with them back when we were doing shows, so my relationship with Jeremy (and his partner Gayle) goes back a bit. It was really fun to have Jeremy on the show, he’s such an upbeat and outgoing guy. Once you get him started, he keeps going, and the episode is kind of a whirlwind in the best way. We talk a lot about Wilmington, about music scenes in general, and about how to grow one organically. Anyone out there who lives in a place where they wish they could grow a more vibrant scene, I highly recommend you take a page from Gable’s book. Heck, hit them up at their website and just ask them, they’d be happy to talk to anyone out there who’s into what they’re doing.

This is the last show of 2015, I guess. So Happy New Year to you all as well. It’s been a cool year on the show. I managed to put a show out on a regular schedule, and I managed to keep a pretty varied guest list, both of which were two things I was striving for. The listenership has grown with each episode, and I thank each and every one of you for being a part of this show by listening and sharing it around. We’re 32 episodes in, and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. I’m going to overhaul the website and some aspects of the show’s appearance, but the show will remain pretty much the same. Look for a few changes in 2016, but if you like what you’ve heard so far, expect more of the same, maybe even better.

I’m not a resolution guy. I try to just be better, in whatever way I can, as it arrises. I think that’s pretty much how we’re all doing it. So I don’t have any sweeping changes I want to make going into 2016. I want to keep doing the show, I want to have more and more guests that have interesting stories, and cool points of view on art and life. I want to keep being responsible for making a good show, and I want to continue to bring it to you. That’s about it.

Be well in the holiday season, be well in the New Year. Be safe and try not to overdo it. I’m talking about overindulgence, sure, but I’m also talking about overdoing to the point of feeling so busy and frantic that you don’t enjoy the time. Go easy on yourself, it’s not on one person to make this holiday perfect for anyone, so just work on making it good for you. It’ll work, I promise.

See you all in 2016.



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