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Episode 51: Nicklas Hughes

I dig having my old bandmates on, especially since they keep making new music. Nicklas Hughes was the drums to my bass in The Way Home, and the drums to my guitar in The Sobriquets. We’ve known each other for more than eight years, and it’s funny how much I didn’t really know about his early life, despite having spent all that time together. We get to it, though.

Nick is one of those guys that looks completely unassuming. But when he gets behind the kit, he blows people away. Some of my favorite compliments the band ever received were about Nick (“Man, I didn’t think he had that in him and then BAM!”). And when he turned his focus to recording his own music after the band split, I was intrigued and immensely proud when I got to hear the final results.

It’s hard for a non-frontman to take that leap, but Nick has done it, and his new record, ‘Games’, is out at the end of the month. It’s a full realized project, and it’s outstanding. I’m happy to know him, happy to have played with him all those years, and happy to have him on the show. As we get older, we lose touch with folk from our past, but thankfully, not with everyone important. Nick’s important to me. His music should be important to you.



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