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Episode 53: Ross Bellenoit

Can I just say how much I enjoy having guests on from time to time that I can talk about Phish with? Okay, enough about that, more about Ross.

Ross Bellenoit has played on, written, produced, and basically lived more music than most of us could ever hope to. He started out in Philly as part of Amos Lee's band, and has been a vital part of Philadelphia music since he arrived. Whether he's backing up a singer, producing at Turtle Studios, playing white hot guitar mayhem with his group Muscle Tough, or playing an intimate solo set by himself, Ross is making a large body of work that is well worth the time to delve into it. He put out three EPs in 2012, and to top it, he put out three full-length albums in 2015. The man cannot be stopped.

Aside from Phish, we talk Peter Gabriel, XTC, The Jayhawks, his tour with Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello, and much, much more. We talk about his musical awakenings in high school, studying jazz, making 90s era R&B with his first group, and how the song always comes first, regardless of what format it will take down the line. He was a superb dude to talk to, and I hope you dig our conversation.



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