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Episode 60: Scott Ratinoff

60 episodes. Every time I reach a round number, it surprises and delights me.

On the show this week is Scott Ratinoff, who plays under the name Glorious Typing. He was my first live guest back on Episode 24, and it was great to get him in for a full one. Among the many topics we cover, I delve deeply into his improvised songwriting style, which he calls "folk freestyle". It's a fascinating songwriting tool, and as you can hear, I keep telling him it's a fascinating songwriting tool.

We also reminisce about our days at open mics, what to make of people who go to open mics as listeners and not players, and that the best way to grow as an artists is to always be getting better. And Scott graces us with the honor of bestowing us an original folk freestyle tune called "Buttons And Knobs", which he composes right on the spot. You're going to want to hear that,



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