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284. Nik Greeley #3

Dan is always glad to talk to Nik Greeley, which is why this is Nik's third full length episode. And they always seems to talk at a time when Nik is going through a period of growth and change, whether it be in his personal life, or with his band, The Operators. Dan and Nik talk about coming back after the pandemic, working in the concert industry at Rising Sun Presents, and stepping back from talent buying to fully commit to his music. Nik opens up about always working on his mental health, keeping the bad habits at bay, and how focusing on himself and his band has been a huge help in that, as well as being part of the Johnny Brenda's and The International Bar family on the hospitality side. Nik Greeley and the Operators have a brand new EP out right now called 'Scatterbrain', available wherever you get your digital music. The band will also be playing at Xponential Music Festival on Sept 22nd, as part of WXPN's 3 day concert festival, now in its 30th year.


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