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290. Apple Juice Jones

Matt Nestor, drummer of Apple Juice Jones, reached out to Dan a bit ago to tell him the story of the band and the tragic loss of their frontman, Teddy Kradzinski. Dan was moved by the story, so he invited Matt and bassist Mike Bennett over to talk about it all. Matt and Mike talk about the early days of the band, living in a house together during the pandemic and practicing and playing for hours every day, Teddy's incredibly prolific catalog, losing him suddenly, and how they decided to not only keep the band going, but to continue to ressurect a mountain of material featuring Teddy's voice and guitar. With the help of Michael Cumming and Logan Roth at Treacle Mine Studios, they were able to put out 'Angel Number 77', and the story of how it came to be is amazing. Apple Juice Jones have new singles out now, as well as live recordings, all at their Bandcamp.


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