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292. Fall 2023 Playlist

Dan is back from a few weeks in Japan, and with him comes stories, memories, a new found love of seaweed related snacks, and this playlist episode. Featuring 15 recently released tracks from Philadelphia musicians, please enjoy just a taste of all the great talent here is in this city. Please see the clickable playlist below, which allows you to link up instantly with any and all of the artists played in this episode. Check out their music, see when they're playing, and buy their records. Support the Philadelphia community if you are able, any support is greatly appreciated by the artists. Note: While we are aware of and incredibly concerned about the issues surrounding the recent Bandcamp sale and massive layoffs (many friends and listeners of the show were employees who lost their jobs, and we wish them new and better opportunities as quickly as possible), we still feel the platform is currently one of the best ways to put the most money via online sales into the pockets of independent artists. We will continue to steer you towards an artist's Bandcamp page until we deem it no longer fair or equitable for the artist. Currently, artists are still being paid from their Bandcamp sales in the same manner and scale as before the recent sale of the company. We will continue to stay informed on the situation, and will adjust our position when and if events warrant.


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