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301. Nate Runkel (Yo That's My Jawn!)

Dan finally sits down with his podcast brother-from-another-mother Nate Runkel, creator, host and producer of Yo That's My Jawn! Nate tells Dan the story of how the show started, notable guests like Taylor Goldsmth from Dawes, and Ken Marino and David Wain (MTV's The State), but even before that, all his various involvements in the Philadelphia music scene playing shows and hosting open mics. Nate goes into his love of music, but also of making movies and filming skits, and his love of table top RPGs, which led him to his role as producer of the D&D podcast Oops, All Bards. Dan and Nate talk about their shared experiences working amdist the Philadlephia music community, and some of the collaborations they've done over the years. Yo That's My Jawn! is available streaming and for download wherever you get your podcasts.


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