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Episode 7: Jack Deezl

Happy New Year to all! Thanks for heralding in 2015 with me/us/25 O'Clock. I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday season, or at least that it was free of undue stress. I know that can be asking a lot from a holiday season, but you got through it, so breathe.

I don't really like to make resolutions, especially at the start of the year. I do like to make plans, though, and 2015 is chock full of plans for 25 O'Clock. They include bringing you more in-depth conversations with some creative and talented people. They also include some more record-related shows like Episode 6, because that was very fun. They also may include more live performances and various other awesome things. Don't you worry, we've got you covered. One of the many joys of podcasting is being able to stretch the boundaries and limits of your program, and that's just what we plan to do here. Hang out with us this year, you're going to be very happy you did.

This week I sit down with Jack Deezl (aka Drew Mercadante) to talk about electronic music and making it and playing it and all kinds of other stuff. I'm fascinated with electronic music. It makes me feel wonder and awe, and for many reasons. The sonic palate that electronic musicians can draw from is seemingly infinite. Whether it's digital samples or some heavy manipulation of analog instruments, it's mind boggling to me how they do it. I have no idea, really, how it gets made. I'm familiar with the equipment and the gear, and even understand the general practice of how to use a sampler. But the actual methods of making something worth hearing? I got nothing.

Jack Deezl does not simply drop beats or make typical club music. His music would be out of place in a dance club, honestly. He's a composer. He has a mastery of writing and scoring music, and he uses his skills to create beautiful layers of ambience and well as some catchy-as-hell grooves. He is a thinking-man's electronic artist, in the vein of Flying Lotus, Gold Panda and Mount Kimbie, to name a few.

I like a conversation with a musician where I don't always know what they're going to say next. After years and years of playing, touring, writing, performing, working and living with other rock musicians, I do enjoy having a conversation with any musician whose experiences and point of view comes from a different place than my own. I really enjoyed talking to Jack Deezl, and I predict nothing but awesome things for him.

Two weeks until the next episode. We're getting back to our usual schedule. Thanks for listening, and remember to support the artists and people I talk to on each episode. You can see all kinds of links on the Friends and Neighbors section.

Be well and keep creating.


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