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Episode 65: Ju-Taun

Download the episode here.

Dan had to go get some lawn chairs to seat everybody around the desk, but it was all worth it to talk to James, Jake and Samoeun of Ju-Taun. These guys have been singing together since they were kids, and it shows. They talk about their origins: James and Jake working behind the scenes at concerts for their father, a Philadelphia producer and promoter; Samoeun coming to America as a child, escaping the Khmer Rouge with his parents. They detail their beginnings as a band: hustling their CDs and performing to crowds on the street, running afoul with the law more than once, and being kicked out of just about every mall in the tri-state area. And that's just the first 20 minutes or so. Capping it all off with a phenomenal performance, Ju-Taun are a force of nature. Also, Dan offers a call for support of Pharmacy, a DIY Philly venue and coffee shop that needs your help to keep doing their great work.

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