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278. Josh Kirwin (Tubey Frank)

Dan had Josh Kirwin (mastermind behind Tubey Frank) on the show way back in early April of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. Both were excited to talk to each other, but technical failures on Dan's part made it so the interview was unreleasable (it was early on in the Zoom/streaming/remote recording days, Josh has since forgiven Dan). But Josh is back, in person, and we couldn't be happier. Dan and Josh talk about Josh growing up in Lancaster, PA, watching his father gig like crazy in his bands, making his own counter-melodies at age 6, playing onstage as early as 15, taking care of yourself, giving folks your best, being addicted to stacking countless guitar tracks, getting Philly and Lancaster bands to gig swap, and so much more. The new Tubey Frank LP, 'Apple Pie Bible', is out June 23rd on Spring Garden Records, and is available wherever you get your digital music.

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