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316. Judah Kim

Dan goes in deep with Judah Kim as he talks about growing up "lucky number 7" of 8 siblings, the influence of his older brothers' garage bands, the lack of any Asian American role models in alt rock, studying voice and production at Berkley, sobriety and gratitude, and the burnout that comes with always having to make "content". With a journey that's taken him from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and back again, Judah and Dan discuss the pitfalls of being an independent musician, Judah's interest in mental health as it applies to Koreans, and the weight of insurmountable expectation and ambition that can come from growing up as a  Korean American.

Judah is part of Asian American Pie, a concert at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on Friday, May 11th, featuring a lineup of Asian American/Pacific Islanders bands and artists, including Moonroof, Beau Freres, Alyssa Garcia, and longtime friend of the podcast, John Faye. 


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