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294. Rob Tait

Dan last talked to Rob Tait back in 2018, when he was drumming for the jam-organ-combo Hambone Relay. It's been almost 5 years, and things have changed. Hambone Relay is no more, Rob has drummed for countless Philadelphia artists, and when the pandemic hit, he pivoted to writing and performing his own music. Rob has been releasing singles since the summer, and we talk about the transition, the change in how he works on music, recording the tunes at Retro City, and how you have to just not look at the numbers most of the time. Rob's two latest singles, "Matilda" and "Space Fire", are out now and available wherever you get digital music. Rob also hosts his own podcast, 'Let's Take A Spin', which features music picks and conversations with Philadelphia artists and musicians, and is available wherever you get your podcasts.


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