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300. David Uosikkinen

It's our 300th episode! And Dan sits down with Philly music legend David Uosikkinen, drummer for The Hooters, founder of In the Pocket, and countless other projects. Dave talks about growing up in Levittown, seeing Buddy Rich as a kid, his first drum sets, South Street and the scene in the late 70s and early 80s, and how a one-time session with Eric Bazillian and Rob Hyman in 1980 turned into a 40+ year career (and still going) as The Hooters. Dan and David discuss some of the great Philadelphia musicians that Dave has worked with (In the Pocket is a huge "who's-who"), folk like Pete Donnely, Charlie Ingui and his late brother Richie of Soul Survivors, Patty Smyth, and more. It's a non-stop ride, and David's enthusiasm and energy for playing music has in no way slowed with age. Thanks to all the listeners and supporters for helping us get to 300 episodes!


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